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Photographs! I love photos. And my Daddy loves taking photos. Well, he has been taking photo since he was a little boy and his father (my grand father) gave him a Russian make box camera.


This page is my photo album. Each thumbnail is a link to an album page. The Slide Show button below the thumbnails will open a new widow with a slide show of the photos in the album.


Album 1 - Mamli, The First Born
Album 2 - When I Was Just A Little Girl...
I am the first of my generation.
Born of Padmaja & Gautam Satpathy on March 8, 1999.
When I was a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be. And she said "IAS"
Album 3 - Mamli's School Annual Sports Day - 2003
Album 4 - Holi 2004
My school Annual Sports Day, 2003. I was in UKG then and took part in a parade.Holi Haii! I play Holi every year with my friends in Steel & Mines Complex.
Album 5 - Mamli's 6th Birthday
Album 6 - The New Baby, March 21, 2004
My 6th Birthday.I have a little brother!
Album 7 - Big Sister
Album 8 - The First Rakhi
Oh My God! I am a Big Sister now!The first time I ever tied a Rakhi on my little brother's wrist.
Live long & prosper Brother.
Album 9 - The Youngest Satpathy
Album 10 - Mamli Learns Swimming. Rourkela Club
Bablu, my little brother is the Youngest SatpathyI learnt swimming in the pool at Rourkela Club in the summer of 2004
Album 11 - The Great Grand Parents
Album 12 - Bangalore, 2004
My Great Grand ParentsI visited Papu kaku and his family at Bangalore in late 2004. My little brother was 6 months old at that time.
Album 13 - Growing Up Together
Album 14 - Srisailam (2004)
Growing up together. My little brother is learning to crawl and sit up by himeself!We visited Srisailam along with my paternal grand parents (Dadu & Didi)
Album 15 - Our First Car
Album 16 - Growing Baby
Our first car. Daddy & Mummy bought it when I was 2 months old.My little brother loves his toes!
Album 17 - Runway 9 & Dola Ri Dhani
Album 18 - New Year's Eve, 2005
Fun at Runway 9 & Dola Ri DhaniNew Year's Eve2005 at Steel & Mines Complex, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad
Album 19 - Flying Kites On Sankranti (2005)
Album 20 - Mamli's 7th Birthday
We flew kites from the roof top of Mathew Uncle's flat on Sankranti Day, 2006.My 7th Birthday. My little brother gave me my first birthday card!
Album 21 - The Naughty Boy
Album 22 - Bablu's First Birthday
The naughty boy used all my crayons to draw on the floor!My little brother is 1
Album 23 - Gulu Mamu's Marriage
Album 24 - One Year & Counting
Gulu Mamu gets married!Bablu is a naughty boy!
Album 25 - At Saini's Home
Album 26 - Student
At Saini Uncle's home.Maths!
Album 27 - Gulu Mamu & Nupur Mai's Visit To Hyderabad
Album 28 - Growing Up Together 2
Gulu Mamu, Nupur Maii, Aja & Aii all visited us here at HyderabadBablu & I - Growing up together
Album 29 - The Second Rakhi
Album 30 - The Naughty Boy 2
Our second RahkiThat's my bike!
Album 31 - Chennai & Mahabalipuram Visit
Album 32 - Tirupati Visit
We went to Chennai to consult the Doctors at Shankar Netralaya. We visited Mahabalipuram for a day and had a really good time. Our next trip was to Tirupati.
Album 33 - Mani's Visit
Album 34 - Mamli's School Annual Sports Day, 2005
Mani Pipi, Samar Piusa, Meghu & Chikoo visited us at Hyderabad in NovemberMy School's Annual Sports Day
Album 35 - The Student 2
Album 36 - The Mask Of Zorro
More studies!Daddy made a mask for Bablu
Album 37 - Bablu, The Youngest Satpathy
Album 38 - With Samar
Bablu!Samar Piusa's visit
Album 39 - The Gamer
Album 40 - Bablu School Sports Day (2006)
Bablu and his computer games!Bablu's first School Annual Sports Day. He took part in a race!
Album 41 - Bablu's First Graduation
Album 42 - Bablu's 3rd Birthday
Bablu's graduation from EuroKids Play SchoolBablu's 3rd Birthday
Album 43 - Bhubaneswar Trip May, 2007
Album 44 - Nana & Bau At Ramoji Film City
Bablu, Mummy & I visited Bhubaneswar in MayAii & Aja on their trip to Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
Album 45 - Srisailam 2
Album 46 - Bablu Starts School
Our second visit to Srisailam. This time we had Aja & Aii with us.Bablu starts school! He joined LKG at my school, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Public School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. We go to school together by bus.
Album 47 - Meghu & Chikoo
Album 48 - The Painted Pot
Meghu & Chikoo in New Jersey, USAThe Painted Pot. Daddy & Mummy painted the pot. Daddy did the base orange color and Mummy did the artistic colors :-)
Album 49 - Rakhi 2007
Album 50 - Mamli & Bablu
Rakhi 2007 - Mamli, Bablu & GuluMamli & Bablu

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